Artificial Palm Trees

Artificial palm trees are perfect for indoor/outdoor use!

All our outdoor artificial palm trees are tested and engineered for a variety of outdoor weather conditions. They are tolerant to freezing, wind, snow, ice, humidity, and other weather conditions. Our artificial palm leaves are built with a bendable, but yet strong leaf petiole. Our artificial palms will gracefully sway with the breeze, and the leaves will rustle in the wind. The branches will always return back to their original position and never become deformed.

Many fake palms and silk trees on the market fade readily when exposed to the sun's UV rays. However our palm fronds are UV protected to reduce fading in the sun. They are made from high quality poly-resins.

Our products are not like the typical fake outdoor palm trees for sale on the internet. Each outdoor artificial palm tree is made from real palm bark, fiber, or natural tree components. These trees have steel core trunks. This means that our trees are built to last.

Advisory: With natural building material I.e. palm or thatch roofing, wood, bamboo or other products etc. these building materials may require periodic maintenance and over time may require replacement. There can be some color changes as our products are exposed to uv rays/sun, rain and other outdoor conditions that may occur. No returns, exchanges or refunds will be given do to natural causes that are expected to occur over time due to deterioration and natural color changes in our materials that we use.

Artificial Palm Trees